Checking domains and IP addresses with Whois

Before registering your domain, webmasters need to make sure that it still is not busy. How to do it? In our view, there are two ways. First, the desired name can be checked using the address bar of your web browser. However, this method of verifying the employment domain is not optimal, because even if the resource with the same name and was not opened in the browser, it does not mean that the domain name is free. As practice shows, it is often just the opposite!

With this in mind, I think that the test should be available domains using the second method – namely, through the use of specialized services. In our case, we are talking about a special tool (Whois service), which allows to check the domain on employment in the 280-year-domain zones.

Checking domain using our service carried out very simply. In the corresponding field is sufficient to enter the desired name, and then click “Show”. If the domain name is available, the message “domain free.”

Among other data, which will be shown to you in this case, we can mention the company name, domain name registrar, contact details of the owner (telephone, fax and e-mail), start and end dates of domain registration, etc.

Also note that in this section of our site you can not only check on employment domains (Whois service), but also to obtain detailed information on your IP-address. For this purpose, as in the case of a test of free domain, a special string must enter a specific IP-address, confirm button “Show”. We hope that working with our service domain validation will certainly help you in the future!