Currently, the Internet is so hidden that you do not even know what your interlocutor chatting can be your friend behind the wall, and the most energetic opponent on your favorite forum your wife. But anonymity is not always hidden. There is such a service as Whois, which exposes the owners of Internet resources.
What does the term is Whois? In fact, everything is simple. It is a protocol through which the server can transmit information about the client as to who registered the domain or IP-address. Data is provided by special databases that contain information about the users of a particular domain. Naturally, this information may be outdated or inaccurate, since this information is provided to the person for domain registration. This information can also be more: the database contains the user name, e-registration, e-mail, phone number, company name, register this domain. All this fits well as for information about IP-addresses.

For what purpose was the need this protocol is Whois? In recent times, when the Internet was just beginning to develop, and no one had heard of such a problem as cybersquatting, it is assumed that the site administrators will use it to find information about each other and solve different problems. At the moment it is needed the most part to catch cybersquatters and to struggle with them.

To work with the protocol Whois, there are various programs (clients). Some of them have a console interface, the other – the graphic, but mainly by means of operating the web-interface, i.e. receive information about domains and IP-address so you can use the same browsers. There are a large number of Whois-service s that are easy to find with the help of Yandex, Google or other search engines. Most services are limited to some domain zones, for which there Whois-search for information in connection with the peculiarities of databases containing information.

Databases that contain information about users and domain IP-addresses can be distributed or centralized moreover, there is no single kakoy- database with information on all domain or IP-address in the world. In centralized databases (Domain ORG) it’s pretty simple: one server is responsible for all the Whois-queries as it has all the necessary information. If the database is decentralized (Domains COM) server sends requests to other servers that have information on a limited number of domains. Currently, the use of centralized databases in the domain areas where a lot of domains, while for the distributed over large blast zones (which, in general, illustrated by ORG and COM).

If you registered your domain through a colleague or your web – developer, check it for Whois service, whether it belongs to you. If the domain was registered through a friend and important information is lost – password, user name, then you may lose your domain forever. Its features just help you monitor your competitors and understand their strategy they use, and the Internet and to develop reciprocal steps to neutralize them.

Before registering your domain, webmasters need to make sure that it still is not busy. How to do it? In our view, there are two ways. First, the desired name can be checked using the address bar of your web browser. However, this method of verifying the employment domain is not optimal, because even if the resource with the same name and was not opened in the browser, it does not mean that the domain name is free. As practice shows, it is often just the opposite!

With this in mind, I think that the test should be available domains using the second method – namely, through the use of specialized services. In our case, we are talking about a special tool (Whois service), which allows to check the domain on employment in the 280-year-domain zones.

Checking domain using our service carried out very simply. In the corresponding field is sufficient to enter the desired name, and then click “Show”. If the domain name is available, the message “domain free.”

Among other data, which will be shown to you in this case, we can mention the company name, domain name registrar, contact details of the owner (telephone, fax and e-mail), start and end dates of domain registration, etc.

Also note that in this section of our site you can not only check on employment domains (Whois service), but also to obtain detailed information on your IP-address. For this purpose, as in the case of a test of free domain, a special string must enter a specific IP-address, confirm button “Show”. We hope that working with our service domain validation will certainly help you in the future!